Beschreibung Hi
I would like to carry out an immersion project with my class. I would teach them for three or four weeks on english in all subjects. This can only work properly if we have one or more exchange partners.

I have now a 6th grade class which I will hand over into secondary school after the summer holiday. So this project should take place around may or june 2019. I am aware it is a little bit short notice, but I feel we can pull this off properly with little effort. The main objective is that the children get in touch with each other, be it by mail, e-mail, chat and/or face time. If the english speaking class is not from Switzerland it would be probably too difficult to meet since I have a pupil with refugee status in my class, who can not cross the borders without a written consent, which additionally is very hard to obtain. Otherwise it would be fabulous if we manage to organise a meeting. It is not a must and I would like to stress, that we would work with what we have and not try to pull of something impossible.

In my project I will get the children to do a little bit of charity work for an irish charity that offers help to children with cancer. Besides the good intention to help out it shows the children that charity work is a big part of english and irish culture. You are more than welcome to participate in this project as well if you please.

What I am hoping is that I would find a class with native english speakers.

If my project appeals to you I would very happy and interested to hear from you and work together.
Schule Lange Heid
Sprache Deutsch
Start 2018/2019
Austauschformen Drittortbegegnungen (1-2 Tage), Klassenlager (>3 Tage), Kurzbegegnungen (1-2 Tage im Schuljahr), Mehrtägiger Klassenaustausch (ab 3 Tagen pro Schuljahr), Virtueller Austausch
Fächer/Schwerpunkte Bewegung und Sport, Geisteswissenschaften und Gesellschaft, Gestalten, Mathematik, Medien und Informatik, Musik, Naturwissenschaften, Sprachen

Involvierte Klassen


Schulstufe Primarschule
Männlich / Weiblich 10 / 12
Jahrgänge 2005 / 2007

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