english-german exchange project

Beschreibung Hello
I would like to organise an exchange for my class. They are a 6th grade primary school class from Münchenstein in canton Baselland. I see a few possible exchange ways. Depending on where the other class is based we could certainly have a virtual exchange. We would also very much welcome a class here in Münchenstein. It is also possible for me to travel anywhere in Switzerland to meet our exchange partners.

For my part I am planning a three week emersion project, where I will be teaching the children on english only. The week after those three weeks I leave open for a meeting with our exchange class if possible.

I know this is at very short notice. I am though confident that this exchange does not need a huge amount of preparation. If it comes to a meeting this of course needs to be prepared in detail.

Last year I have already carried out a similar project on french and it was a fantastic experience.

I would be open to many different kind of exchanges. Please don't hesitate to contact me and suggest a different kind of project. My only condition is that the exchange is carried out in the languages english-german.

I am really looking forward in hearing from you and hope that you have started well into the new year.

All the best
Schule Lange Heid
Sprache Deutsch
Start 2018/2019
Austauschformen Drittortbegegnungen (1-2 Tage), Kurzbegegnungen (1-2 Tage im Schuljahr), Mehrtägiger Klassenaustausch (ab 3 Tagen pro Schuljahr), Virtueller Austausch
Fächer/Schwerpunkte Bewegung und Sport, Gestalten, Mathematik, Medien und Informatik, Musik, Naturwissenschaften, Sprachen

Involvierte Klassen


Schulstufe Primarschule
Männlich / Weiblich 10 / 12
Jahrgänge 2005 / 2007

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