Data protection and security

Data security is a top priority for us. Here you can learn more about our security precautions.

Data protection in general

All data we receive from you will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG). By sending us your data, you give your consent to its processing within the Match&Move platform and for purposes that are explicitly listed during data collection or are obviously related to the delivery of your data.


Data security

Please note that the Internet is a worldwide open network. If you transmit personal data via the Internet, you always do so at your own risk.


The personal data you transmit is encrypted and protected by means of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 128 bit. Despite extensive technical and organizational safeguards, it is possible that data may be lost or intercepted and/or manipulated by unauthorized persons. Match&Move takes appropriate technical and organizational security measures to prevent this within Match&Move's systems. However, your computer is located outside the security area under the control of Match&Move. It is your responsibility as a user to inform yourself about the necessary security measures and to take appropriate measures in this regard. Match&Move is in no way liable for any damages that you may incur as a result of data loss or manipulation.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a protocol for secure data transmission on the Internet. The majority of browsers support this procedure. SSL uses the public key method, in which data encoded with a publicly accessible key can only be decoded again with a very specific private key. Most browsers use a key or padlock to indicate whether the connection is secured or unsecured.


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