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Fine dust

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Fine dust


* The documents are available in German, French and Italian. 


Dictionary, newspapers in L2 (or online articles), picture from the selected one. 


5 lessons


1. Pupils are given a picture of a topical issue from an article that relates to a scientific or environmental issue (e.g.: Traffic, pollution). The articles can be taken e.g. from the Ticino newspaper, the Corriere del Ticino or the Dovere. Learners describe the picture (see Annex 1) in their L1. Possible inputs could be: "What do you see?", "Which are important expressions that could appear in the newspaper article?". 
2. Based on this description and the glossary (cf. below), learners choose some expressions (in L1) that they think fit the article and look for the corresponding words in L2 to learn them. 
3. Learners read the article in their L2. 
4. Familiar words used in a similar form in other languages are highlighted; other (hypothetically important) words are translated. 
5. Discussion with the teacher (as much as possible in their L2) about the content of the article; in pairs or small groups, questions are prepared for the other class.
6. The questions are either transmitted via videoconference or an asynchronous channel, the answers are given.


Authors Movetia
Created Jan. 9, 2023
School level Secondary school I
Phase Before the exchange, During the exchange
Social form Whole class/group, Small groups, Individually
Goal of activity Thematische Zusammenarbeit
Topic Sustainable development, biodiversity and environment
Implementation type Digital/Online
Languages German, French, Italian
Terms of use
Explanation of the terms of use




Polveri fini


Poussières fines