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Our school

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Our school


* The documents are available in German, French and Italian. 


Projector, Skype, tablets, laptops, dictionary/ online translator, writing and drawing materials, account file sharing platform, video editing programme (e.g. Movie Maker, iMovie), video camera/ smartphone


7 lessons


  1. The students read and acquire the appropriate linguistic material in the L2 that is helpful for the sequence (see below: Linguistic support).
  2. The students prepare a video presentation about their own school. To do this, they create a small script. This can be provided with keywords in the L2.
  3. Research about the school can also be done (especially if a quiz about the school is planned): Origin, former schools in the community, curiosities, peculiarities. This could include a visit to the community or to the former head teacher.
  4. The students divide up the roles, rehearse the recordings and use the necessary linguistic material ("This is our gym").
  5. The video is being shot.
  6. The recordings can be further processed (editing, music, subtitles, ...).
  7. The final version of the recording is uploaded to a "file-sharing platform" (Dropbox, Padlet, etc.) and shared with the partner class.
  8. Extension: The classes can agree to conduct a quiz, for which appropriate questions are prepared (cf. 3.).
  9. After the exchange process: reflection in the classes about the implementation and the learning process.


Authors Movetia
Created 9 Jan 2023
School level Elementary school, Secondary school I
Phase Before the exchange, During the exchange
Social form Whole class/group, Small groups
Thematic course content The world and I
Implementation type Digital/Online
Languages German, French, Italian
Terms of use
Explanation of the terms of use


La nostra scuola


Notre Γ©cole


Unsere Schule