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Worksheet "Bingo Zahlen chiffres" and a pencil.


15- 30min


Bingo is a game where participants play together, either as a whole class, half a class or in a group. The bingo rules are explained below. The relevant documents can be found in the appendix.


All participants receive a blank grid (see first page of the document) on which they write down random numbers. No number can be written down twice.

Game procedure:

If the class is mixed (German and French speakers), the two teachers can take turns. One says the number in German, the other then in French, and so on. If the class is not mixed, all numbers are said in the language to be learned (e.g. in French if the participants are learning French).
When a number is called out, the participants check their bingo grids to see if they have the number called out.
If a participant has the called number on the grid, he or she marks it.


The aim is to have five numbers next to or under each other.
Once this is achieved, the participant shouts out loud "Bingo!"
The winner repeats the marked numbers to check. 


At first it makes sense to play bingo with the whole class. Afterwards, groups can be formed and the participants become the game leaders.

Authors Movetia
Created May 30, 2023
School level Elementary school, Secondary school I, Youth group
Phase Before the exchange, During the exchange
Social form Whole class/group, Small groups
Goal of activity Ice-breaker/get to know each other
Topic Numbers/maths
Implementation type In person/on site
Languages German, French
Terms of use
Explanation of the terms of use


Bingo Zahlen chiffres