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Game "Categories"

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Game "Categories"


* The game is written in German and French in the appendix, but can easily be adapted to other languages. 


Worksheet  and a pencil


approx. 15- 30min


The game "City, Country, River" can be played in the whole class or in groups. The rules are explained below, the template can be found in the appendix. The idea is to play in bilingual groups. The language is alternated each round. A French-speaking pupil plays together with a German-speaking pupil, supporting each other and benefiting from each other's language skills.


The first participant recites the alphabet in his/her head, the second participant says "stop" at some point. The letter where stop was said is used as the initial letter for the round. The participants fill in the table as quickly as possible by finding a word for each category with the letter mentioned. Once the first participant has filled in all the categories, he/ she says "stop" and everyone stops immediately. 


Now the answers for each category are read out. If the word is the only one chosen, the player gets 20 points. If the word was used by more than one person, 10 points are awarded. If the word is inappropriate or there was none found, 0 points are awarded. 

The game continues like this. The participant next to the first participant now recites the alphabet.


Authors Movetia
Created May 30, 2023
School level Elementary school, Secondary school I, Youth group
Phase Before the exchange, During the exchange
Social form Whole class/group, Small groups
Goal of activity Ice-breaker/get to know each other
Topic Words/languages
Implementation type In person/on site, Digital/Online
Languages German, French
Terms of use
Explanation of the terms of use


Stadt Land Fluss / jeu du petit bac