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Pictorial decomposition of a tourist attraction

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Pictorial decomposition of a tourist attraction



Printed photo of a landmark per pupil, scissors, glue, sheet of paper


approx. 45min- 1h


The participants choose a photo of an interesting sight in their village, town or region. After the photo has been printed out, it is cut into pieces and then reconstructed. The individual parts are taken apart and glued back together in a new arrangement. Alternatively, this can be done with a landmark from the region where the students will be doing their exchange.

Authors Urs Weibel
Created Aug. 8, 2023
School level Elementary school, Secondary school I
Phase Before the exchange, During the exchange
Social form Whole class/group, Small groups, Individually, In tandem
Goal of activity Discover the school and its environment
Topic Drawing/crafting
Implementation type In person/on site
Languages German, French, Italian, English
Terms of use
Explanation of the terms of use