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Microadventure Generator

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Microadventure Generator


* This activity is currently only available in Germand and French.


Game "The microadventure generator" and the log book "The microadventure generator", pen




The Microadventure Generator allows you to experience situations and challenges often encountered during an exchange. It aims to inspire young people to discover the world, to sharpen their curiosity and to take an interest in exchanges. At the same time, it helps to develop cross-curricular skills such as learning strategies, communication, creative thinking, reflective thinking and collaboration. These are important skills that are reinforced during an exchange.

A pedagogical guide for teachers completes the game: it aims to specify the pedagogical intentions behind the game and provides keys to understanding and a usage scenario to facilitate its implementation in the classroom. In this way, the game becomes an attractive tool for promoting the cross-curricular skills defined in the study plans and for preparing an exchange.

Link: (German, French and Italian) https://www.movetia.ch/fr/programmes/autres-offres/jeu-generateur-de-micro-aventures 

Authors Movetia
Created Dec. 22, 2022
School level Elementary school
Phase Before the exchange
Social form Small groups
Goal of activity Preparing for the exchange
Topic Region/country
Implementation type In person/on site
Languages German, French
Terms of use
Explanation of the terms of use