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Icebreaker game: Truth or Lie

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Icebreaker game: Truth or Lie



Worksheet, pencil


Preparation approx. 20min, implementation approx. 20- 30min


Participants formulate sentences in their target language (preferably before the exchange, as preparation). They formulate a lie and a truth. There are examples and models on the worksheet that can be shown to pupils to support and stimulate ideas.
Once formulated, the sentences are read out to the other class (also in small groups) who has to guess which sentence is the lie and which is the truth.

* The documents are available in German, French and Italian.

Authors Movetia
Created June 14, 2023
School level Elementary school, Secondary school I, Secondary school II, Youth group
Phase Before the exchange, During the exchange
Social form Whole class/group, Small groups
Goal of activity Ice-breaker/get to know each other
Topic Words/languages
Implementation type In person/on site
Languages German, French, Italian
Terms of use
Explanation of the terms of use